Frozen Silent

Happy Halloween, everybody. As I mentioned last year, Halloween in Japan just isn’t the same. This year we (and by ‘we’, I mostly mean my three year old daughter) have spent most of the time listening to Disney’s 19-minute “Halloween Street” parade song, which we were unfortunately exposed to at Disneyland a few weeks back. […]

The Inversely Suspicious Character Problem

I’m several hours into Heavy Rain now, and I’m throughly enjoying it. There are some flaws here and there but generally the whole thing is amazingly well done, and unlike 99% of other games on the market today. I’ll post a lot more about it when I finish. Playing Heavy Rain got me thinking about […]

Silent Hill Homecoming is a Weird Game

I just put another solid four hours into Silent Hill Homecoming, and man, the game is weird. Not the story or the game content itself–that part is sort of run-of-the-mill Silent Hill fare. It’s the pacing that’s all weird. I only found one serum in the first six hours, for example, and this evening in […]

Silent Hill: Homecoming Impressions

So Silent Hill Homecoming sat on my shelf for a whole year and I never even took the plastic off. I wanted to–don’t get me wrong–I just had other games ahead of it in the pipe (and, frankly, my game-hours-per-month was down in the single digits for most of 2009). So after I finished Cursed […]

Cursed Mountain Impressions

I put a couple of hours into Cursed Mountain this weekend. So far I’m enjoying it a lot more than I expected to. The thing about Cursed Mountain is that it is an old-school horror game that is trying its best to learn from new-school games. The camera system, in-game UI, ranged combat system, and […]

Storytelling in Resident Evil 5

I’m close to ten hours into Resident Evil 5. So far, I’m throughly enjoying it; it’s not some great masterwork but it’s an extremely well-made game and I haven’t run into any major frustration points. Unlike the technically similar Dead Space, the moment-to-moment game play is deep enough that simple pattern alterations (new enemy, new […]

Tokyo Game Show 2009

Please, my dear readers, accept my apology for a recent lack of updates. While things have been happening on the Survival Horror front, my attention has been diverted to more pressing matters, namely working my ass off and visiting other countries to see my (recently enlarged–congrats Adam and Sarah) family. Yesterday I attended the Tokyo […]

Ju-On: First Impressions

I don’t usually buy games on the day that they come out because a) I have a lot of games in my backlog already, b) getting caught up in hype is a bad thing, and c) the longer I wait the cheaper games get. But as I was ordering something of

Fatal Frame 4 is pretty much like all the others.

… which isn’t a bad thing. I’m of the opinion that if you don’t mind the slow pace and the unique combat system, the Fatal Frame series is probably the single most consistently frightening series out there. Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse was the first game I purchased when I bought a […]