Dead… Space?

I’m playing through Dead Space at the moment. Well, more precisely, I’ve been playing through Dead Space for close to three months. I am having a lot of trouble staying interested in it. This is kind of surprising to me because there’s really nothing wrong with the game at all. It’s a model of modern […]

Nanashi No Geemu Impressions

My train ride to work only takes 30 minutes, but it often feels much longer. I ride Denentoshi-sen, a line that runs from Shibuya all the way down into Yokohama, and has the unfortunate distinction of being Japan’s second-most crowded train line. Even a a short ride like mine is exhausting when you spend the […]

Resident Evil 5 Demo Impressions

The Resident Evil 5 demo went live on Xbox Live today, but only for residents of Japan. Luckily enough, I happen to now be a resident of Japan, and I’ve put a little time into the demo (if you live in another country you’ll have to wait, but if you are adventurous you could try […]

Dementium: The Annoying

I’m on vacation at the moment (cooling my heels in Southern California on the beach) and trying to catch up on my DS gaming. I’m like three Phoenix Wright versions behind, and my friends are already on their second play-through of The World Ends With You. I tried to play some more of Dementium: The […]

Nanashi No Geemu

I have to admit that the first information I heard about Square’s new handheld DS game, ナナシノゲエム (“Nanashi no Geemu,” lit. “Nameless Game” or “Game with No Name”), left me intrigued but skeptical. Now that the official trailer has been posted, I’m in all out excitement mode. The concept is simple, and quite Japanese: you’re […]

Obscure 2 First Hour Impressions

I picked up Obscure 2 for the Wii a while back and am just now getting around to playing it. I enjoyed the first Obscure, mostly because playing with another person made the otherwise mediocre horror game a lot more fun. This time around I’m playing on my own (so far–maybe I can convince my […]

Tales of Terror from Tokyo

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the film section of my local Japanese bookstore when I came across a box set of four discs called Tales of Terror From Tokyo and All Over Japan. Now, to tell you the truth, the set looked like utter schlock. In addition to the awkward title and […]

Flower, Sun, and Rain

In Japan I picked up a copy of Flower, Sun, and Rain (花と太陽と雨), an early game by Suda51, the brains behind Killer7, No More Heros, and, unfortunately, Michigan. Like Killer7 and No More Heros, the game uses a flat, cell-shaded style to tell a crazy story. Fans of Suda51 games will notice his fingerprints all […]

Silent Hill 0rgins Impressions

I’ve put about an hour into Silent Hill: 0rigins so far and I’m having a pretty good time. This game is different from the rest of the Silent Hill series because it’s exclusive to the PSP and was developed by Climax rather than Konami, and I think a lot of people were worried that the […]

More Cthulhu Frustration

I know I’ve been fairly negative lately about the games I am playing. I really don’t want to just hate everything that comes my way and hold it up to some impossible golden standard, but damn, there’s been so much disappointment in my gaming life lately. Take Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, […]