Nanocon Part Deux

Happy to report that I’m heading back to Nanocon this year to give a talk about the Rules of Horror, particularly in games. If you can’t make it, I’ll post my slides when I get back to California. If you can make it–see you there! Part of the talk I gave at Nanocon a few […]

More Indie Horror Games to Back

It’s been a busy summer for indie horror game announcements. There are so many horror games in development, looking for funding, or recently shipped that you might think the world has gone insane. Actually, I think the real reason is that we suddenly have platforms where niche communities (like this one) can vote with their […]


With a grunt the man pulls himself up over the ancient stone ledge. The passage is small and narrow; he proceeds on all fours, drawing centuries-old air in ragged breaths. Just as his exhaustion nears its peak he reaches the end of the tunnel and pulls himself upright into the secret chamber. The artifact is […]


Thanks to a generous gift by “mdowns2,” I am now in possession of Alien Resurrection for the PS1. Awesome! After …Iru! I thought about taking a break from old first-person games, but now I may change my mind. Hmm, so many horror games to play, so little time! Thanks, mdowns2!

I suck at PC games

I am terrible at PC games. I don’t know why this is–I cut my teeth playing games on computers and didn’t really pick up a controller until I bought myself a Playstation 1 in 1996. It’s not that I lack proficiency with the games themselves, it’s that I can never finish anything. If you’re wondering […]

Wind-up Knight on iOS

Please bear with me for a moment as I take a moment to mention Wind-up Knight again. We’ve just released a version for iOS, which you can find at the App Store. There’s also a new update for Android out today as well. This game is the reason that I haven’t blogged about horror games […]

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween, folks! I mentioned in my previous post that I would soon return to a regular posting schedule. I know, it’s a promise I’ve made before, and one that is increasingly difficult to keep. For this post, let me tell you about what I’ve been up to for the past six month that has […]

Playing PC Games is Hard

One of the most contentious aspects of this site is my decision not to include PC games in the Quest. This decision is not borne of some hate for the PC as a game machine, as some have supposed. Nor does it stem from some imagined key difference between PC horror and console horror. You […]