Ratings Changes

Ever since I started thinking about what game scores really mean, I’ve been bothered by the warped scale that the game review industry seems to use. If you follow sites like metacritic.com or gamerankings.com, you have probably noticed that most games fall into a very small range of scores. There’s no difference, for example, between […]

Updates Progress

Thanks to you guys, I got my ass in gear today and added a bunch of games to the database. Here’s what’s gone in today: Quest Games: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Dino Crisis Escape from Bug Island (ouch, 33%!) F.E.A.R. Obscure 2 Silent Hill 5 The Darkness Close Call Games: Dino Crisis 2 Dino Crisis 3 […]

Database Maintenance

As I am sure the regulars of this site are aware, I am way, way behind on my database maintenance. Part of the reason is that adding new games to the list is always controversial, and another part of the reason has to do with the crazy busy schedule I’ve had lately. But the biggest […]

I sleep now!

Holy crap this has been a crazy month! First a bunch of stuff happened at work, then I got on some planes and flew around the country, then I came back and got in my car and drove all over Northern California, then I moved all of my belongings to a new place, and now […]

April First

Ah, April Fools. What better way to get back into the habit of regular updates? My work life has just gone back to semi-normal, I’ve got some vacation coming up, and a bunch of updates to the site planned. A new feature is in the works, plus I have a lot of info to report […]

Holy Redesign, Batman!

I finally killed off the awful gray “color” scheme I’ve had going for this site since 2003. Hopefully this new design is a little easier to read, a little more interesting, and doesn’t horribly break under Internet Explorer. If everything looks broken to you, try forcing your browser to reload in order to clear the […]

Site Updates

Today I made a lot of updates to this site. You’ll notice that the navigation bar on the left has changed, as has the content of the games list. The omissions page has been altered to reflect a new set of criteria for including games in the quest (I removed the requirement for supernatural things […]

Site Updates

I’ve made a bunch of updates to the various game info pages. After moderating the comments on those pages for almost three years, I’ve decided to remove comments from the game pages and focus users on the forums. The forum software is better anyway (it’s threaded, you can have a name and an avatar, etc), […]

Game Donation!!

Thanks very much to forums member ijm000 for his generous donation of Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness. This is a game that I know absolutely nothing about, but based on the box and ijm000’s review, it is probably an excellent match for the forums. Thanks ijm000! Also, I’m still alive, but I’m heading out on […]

Silent Hill Poster Viewer

This morning I decided to browse some of the entries for the Silent Hill Poster Contest, but I found that a gallery isn’t provided on Sony’s site. So I wrote a very simple script to display the entries. There appear to be around 2000 entries at the moment, though I think it’s safe to assume […]