6 thoughts on “Findings from Fatal Frame 2

  1. You do know that you can get different endings, although I guess none of them are really that “happy” ;). I enjoyed the game most when playing on a easy level, short and sweet.. Nightmare difficulty lives up to it’s name 😛

  2. Yeah, I read about the “Best” ending, and it sounds much better (as in, less disappointing) than the “Normal” ending. But I am not playing the game through again any time soon, so too bad for me, I guess.

  3. Ahh too bad, although personally I like bad endings for a change ;). There is some interesting random stuff and differences between the difficulty levels in Fatal Frame 2. So when you have time, it is worth playing through again 🙂 (and hey you are missing out on the costumes too :p).

    Btw did you find my favourite ghost “the peeping child” ?;)

  4. Yeah, I think so. Behind the window in one of the houses connected by the bridge, right?

    I might play it again eventually, but I have to keep moving through the games I’ve acquired or I’ll fall even further behind on the Quest.

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    Just wanted to let you know that you can pretty easily bypass those Mourners at the end, especially if you’re on Normal difficulty. You might need to snap one or two pictures to stun them for long enough to get past, and you might even take a hit or two, but it’s not like it really matters since the boss can kill you in one hit, and you’ve probably got a stockpile of healing items by that time as well. By the way, if you think just that one little section is a pain, try running back through on Nightmare sometime. The whole game becomes like a Chinese torture session. Plus, I played through nightmare while trying to complete the Spirit List. It was probably the most frustrating thing of all time. Ever.

  6. Yeah, I realized that you could run past those dudes. The design still bothered me though. It seemed like a hack that was necessary because they don’t have checkpoints.

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