Custom Horror

New World Notes, a blog dedicated to the MMORPG game Second Life (which features content almost entirely created by its users), has an interesting article about a survival horror game created by users within the Second Life world.

The lantern is actually the key component to the game– once attached, it keeps tracks of the bones you’ve collected, and the hitpoints you have left, after you’ve been buffeted and battered about by the various traps that await you in the maze below.

Via Slashdot.

Update: I’ve been informed that a much more detailed link exists. Thanks 2shy!

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  1. Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(s)
    or MMORPG. Don’t worry Zombie Eater, I had
    to look that up too. I seem to be 10 years
    behind the times…
    So MMORPG= Everquest kind of game

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