Minor Backend Updates

I’ve been making some modifications to the back-end of this site in order to try to prevent people from stealing my bandwidth. I realized that I am spending a lot of hits on people who find an image hosted here via google image search and then display it on some message board. The changes I’ve made should prevent that from happening, but it’s possible that it may also affect regular users like you. If all the screenshots on this site seem to be magically replaced by a single image, please let me know immediately. Make sure to tell me what browser and OS you are using.

3 thoughts on “Minor Backend Updates

  1. Hmm, thanks for letting me know. I was spending a significant percentage of my bandwidth (30% or so) on referrers that were other sources, so I decided to take action. I tested my changes with a few feed browsers and didn’t see any problems, but I neglected to test with Bloglines. I’ll see if the situation can be remedied.

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