3 thoughts on “Fatal Frame 3 and Haunting Ground Screens

  1. For all the hoo-haa of FF/PZ 3….I’m still going to find it frustratingly dull.

    Sorry, I never did get past the idea of pseudo-manga characters trying to look realistically scared.

  2. Are you joking? Fatal Fame 2 is the scariest game I’ve ever played, with the possible exception of Silent Hill 1.

  3. Okay maybe not for 2, but one I still have yet to finish, the only bit that made me jump in 2 was when Mio put her hand into the chest, I was waiting for something to happen, but not sure when, then the box lady suddenly crabs your wrist. The first had so many jump moments initially, then it fell into the FF2 syndrome of being attacked every too often so you got desensitised.

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