Alone in the Dark 5

It appears that Alone in the Dark 5 is in development. I was tipped off by a news brief at Gamasutra, and I found some confirmation at Boomtown (babelfish translation from French) that is a year old. Eden is a French developer Kya, a third-person Jak & Daxter style platformer, as well as V-Rally 3. This means that their parent company, Atari, has moved the project away from the previous developer, Darkworks (who recently finished Cold Fear. Hopefully there will be something to see at E3 about ALOD5.

5 thoughts on “Alone in the Dark 5

  1. I would have thought that, if anything, the movie would have killed the hopes of another game coming out. Go figure.

  2. I’m called Grace Saunders on many forums. She’s a character from the older Alone in the Dark games. These games are more innovative than Silent Hill. Don’t quote me on that.

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