Web News Roundup

As we approach Halloween, the number of sites running stories about horror game seems to steadily increase. Here’s a couple of interesting links I saw today:

  • Rumor Mongering: Silent Hill Origins appears to be in serious trouble. It’s all rumor at the moment (and it should be noted that employees who’ve recently been laid off sometimes try to start rumors about their former employers out of spite), but if the story proves true then I think the chances of this game coming out are pretty slim.
  • Here’s a nice retrospective of the Resident Evil series.
  • Lastly, Strategy Informer has picked a fairly awful list of Halloween-themed games. The stars are in there, but it’s sort of sad to see some of the lesser known gems of this genre lose to games like Theme Park World.

3 thoughts on “Web News Roundup

  1. Even if it does or doesn’t get released, I think Konami have learned their lesson. The rest of the franchise will undoubtably be in-house from now on.

  2. I dont like the idea of a Silent Hill not being produced by konami anyways. I’d much rather see Silent Hill 5.

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