Who ya gonna call? Ghosthunter!

This evening I finally finished playing Ghost Hunter and posted a review. I expected this game to be a pretty bland shooter and was surprised to find it to be a sometimes-inspired Ghostbusters knock-off. It actually was a lot more fun than I would have given it credit for, but it also suffers from some annoying sections and obfuscated puzzles. I see it as kind of an interesting counterpart to much more serious (but mechanically similar) games like The Suffering.

3 thoughts on “Who ya gonna call? Ghosthunter!

  1. I just loved this game to bits. Personally I forgave most of its flaws due to the pure fun factor of the whole affair. I liked the characters a lot and the sense of humour throughout was ace (it kinda of feels like a Bruce Campbell gig,lol). The battle cry “A tactical withdrawal man, a tactical withdrawal…” makes me smile to this day.

    I got only one question and that involves the story : What happened to Astral? (one of the coolest characters I ve come along in my gaming years for sure). I remember Lazarus said something at the end like “I got her” but I dont know really. Any ideas?

  2. i agree its one of my favourite s.h gaems ever, totally underated and that louisiana bayou section was fnatasticly designed, if you havent played it i can recommend it more than code veronica.

  3. You got it right on the mark with your review; there’s a lot to like about Ghosthunter, but the good tends to be obscured under all sorts of issues (and the endgame is indeed a disaster; the less said about the entire bit with the mech suit, the better)… and there was ultimately no replay value to the title beyond the potential urge to run through again.

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