Some Updates

I haven’t posted about actual games on the horizon lately, so here’s some quick updates:

  • I could have sworn Silent Hill: 0rgins was on the fast-track to cancellation, but this new GameInformer article proves me wrong. It looks like this game might actually ship! Via Kotaku.
  • A Wii version of Resident Evil 4 has been announced. There’s some videos available, and it looks pretty cool (Wiimote aiming!).
  • A new Resident Evil rail-shooter called The Umbrella Chronicles is also headed for Wii. Check out the official site (contains video) to get an idea of what to expect.
  • Possession, the RTS-meets-zombie game from Blitz, is apparently on hold. That’s usually the mark of death in this industry, but hopefully that game eventually sees the light of day.
  • Sadness, another game that I expect to never be published, has switched developers. I wouldn’t hold your breath for this one.

Update: Here’s some interesting comments by Akira Yamaoka on how Silent Hill 5 will mostly resemble Silent Hill 2, rather than 3, 4, or 0rgins. Whoo-hoo!

Update #2: Whoa, all of a sudden the horror game frequency is abuzz with activity! First, there is a new Alone in the Dark 5 in-engine trailer over at Kotaku. Also, one of you guys posted this link to new Obscure screens. Thanks for the info!

3 thoughts on “Some Updates

  1. So those comments about SH5, does that mean SH5 will be a clean break with the series or will it retcon the entire series, again?

  2. That’s some very interesting info about Silent Hill 5 indeed. Silent Hill 2 = my fav survival horror game.

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