Curse this Mountain!

I finished Cursed Mountain this evening after two marathon play sessions this week. My new years resolution is to pick up the pace when it comes to completing games this year, and first on my list was the game about Buddhist ghosts in Tibet.

The game is good but it needs another two months of polish. It’s got lots of minor, easily-fixable problems that end up dragging the overall quality down. Which is a shame, since the story and setting are pretty great.

If you’re interested, check out my full review.

2 thoughts on “Curse this Mountain!

    I agree with the review with exception that the experience has felt a lot duller for myself. I get it, the pacing is slow but the story has barely showed enough of itself to drive my want to finish the game. I suffered all the same frustrations which doesn’t already help my lack of drive. I know I’ll finish it but as of now the game feels more like cough medicine and less like candy.

  2. They say having non-quantifiable New Year’s resolutions is a sure way to wind up with another set of goals left unaccomplished when the next year rolls around… However, I generally find myself solidly in this camp of resolution-makers, and it’s nice to know I’ll be in good company 😉

    And with that said, here are some of my resolutions:
    * Get more sleep
    * Spend more time being productive
    * Be a better overall person

    Here’s to a happy and successful 2010 for all of us!

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