Edge Writes About Me

In the April 2010 issue of Edge Magazine, at the bottom-right hand corner of a page about Alan Wake, there’s a little sidebar about this site. It’s been chosen as “Website of the Month,” and to my pleasant surprise the author sums up this site succinctly and accurately. It’s clear that whomever wrote that sidebar actually spent some time here, looked through the database, and noticed funny things about how I’ve structured the Quest (they even mention Dino Crisis–ha!). Anyway, if you live in an area where Edge is sold (and if this issue is still on the stands), check it out! The magazine was also nice enough to send me a copy of this issue when I couldn’t find it here in Japan.

6 thoughts on “Edge Writes About Me

  1. what page is it exactly chris? I’ve got the magazine on my lap and found a page about alan wake but cant see the sidebar =(

  2. I found this site a few years back and has been apart of my bookmarks ever since, I can’t live without my knowledge of horror titles for consoles and I’m glad Chris is getting praise for this, it’s a great database!


  3. Hey there…I’m glad they sent you a copy – I posted giving you a heads up about it.

    Its a great magazine, some really interesting articles (particularly the 3 authors who write at the end of it).

    Also, just got the book “essays on the fusion of fear and play”.


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