3 thoughts on “Outbreak File 2 Released

  1. I bought Outbreak for 20 recently. I kinda liked it (except that sections were too short and hardly new) but the PAL version was 1 player. Idiots…now they’re releasing RE-O2 online. But for me it’s kinda too little to late.

  2. I didn’t hear very positive reviews on it so far. I didn’t get the first Outbreak, no intentions of getting this one either.

  3. What I saw of it, I mean I watched my friend play it, and the computer would behave all stupid and waste ammo and run off where my friend would encounter at least one of them in zombie form later. Graphically it was great, but the load times to pull them off were horrendous. I’ll give File 2 a miss, maybe its time I pulled that copy of code veronica out for a going over eh?

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