The Shining is Messed Up (spatially)

You should watch this interesting analysis about the various physical impossibilities of the hotel in The Shining. There’s an argument to be made that these inconsistencies are the result of simple set design flaws, but even in that case the point of the analysis is that (intentional or not) the spatial anomolies present in the […]


I finally finished Catherine last week after about three months of trying. It’s a hard, hard game, easily the hardest game I’ve played for the Quest. It’s harder than Siren. The hardest parts of Devil May Cry are on par with the hardest parts of Catherine, but Catherine has a lot more parts like that. […]

Well Played 3.0: Siren

You might have heard of Well Played before. It’s CMU’s series of books on game design, authored by a wide range of critics, journalists, and armchair game anthropologists like myself. The third book in the series, Well Played 3.0, is now out, and I’m happy to report that it contains an article I wrote about […]