Amazingly Great Siren Ad

This is apparently a UK ad for Siren. It’s one of the greatest ads I’ve ever seen, despite containing absolutely no footage from the game. There’s a higher-res Quicktime version available over at GamePressure.

The Problem With Manhunt

Manhunt is the type of game that I’m not really interested in. Gritty realism, with gangs and torture and an emphasis on ultra-violence, performed by none other than the player-controlled protagonist? Not really my cup of tea. I mean, violence in context can be extremely interesting (see A Clockwork Orange, or better yet, read the […]

Building Emotional Response by Rethinking Fun?

Jane over at GameGirl Advance is thinking about games as emotionally disturbing experiences. Her conclusion is that perhaps we need games that do not endeavor to be “fun” in the usual sense of the word. If games are to be taken as art, the next step has to be for some game developers to abandon […]

Ill Communication

Lately I’ve been trying my hand at Illbleed. It’s an exceedingly strange game, both in terms of its premise and its game mechanics. I don’t really like it so far–the ideas seem good but I’ve found the execution to be very frustrating. There’s a lot of interesting things here, like the trap disarming mechanic, but […]

Rule of Rose Interview

Thanks to forums member RainbowDespair for posting a link to this insightful interview with the developers of Rule of Rose. This game looks like it has the potential to be extremely interesting, and the interview doesn’t have any spoilers. The game comes out in the US on September 12.

Now in Technicolor

I watched a couple of horror movies lately, but I haven’t had a lot of time to write proper reviews for them. I’ve got quite a few films I want to see in my queue, but thanks to work I’ve not really had enough time to watch many of them. For the few I’ve seen […]