Sweet Home on Destructoid

Destructoid has an extremely through write-up of Sweet Home, the best I’ve seen. It’s also the most information you can find about this game in English, as far as I can tell. If you are interested in the history of the Resident Evil series, or want to see how horror games on the NES work, […]

Corpse Party

Hey, remember I wrote about Corpse Party last year? Turns out it’s actually coming to the US in English. It’s a pretty well-done game, at least based on the first couple of hours that I played. Don’t let the top-down JRPG interface fool you, there’s some pretty high-tension scenes here. That said, the whole thing […]

Call for Papers: Dakota State hosts horror design workshop

Dakota State University has decided to start hosting an annual workshop on game design, and for the first event they have chosen horror games as their topic. They are actively looking for speakers to present research and papers about horror game design, and have asked me to post their official call for papers (see below). […]


On Monday morning I got up early and washed my face, took a shower, and got ready for work. The night before I didn’t get much sleep. I dropped my daughter off at her preschool at 8:30 and then quickly made my way to work, where I had an appointment with a game designer I […]

Two Factor vs Game Developer!

The latest issue of Game Developer magazine has an article I wrote called Pressed By The Dark, which is an expansion of the last two posts here on this site about the Two Factor Theory as it might be applicable to game design. The best part about it is that it’s paired with weirdo, crazy […]

Off Topic: Replica Island Released

This has nothing to do with horror games, but since a few of you asked about it I thought I’d mention Replica Island. My day job involves working on Android, and for the past year I’ve been putting all of my free time into this little side-scroller starring the green Android robot. In fact, work […]

Tokyo Game Show 2009

Please, my dear readers, accept my apology for a recent lack of updates. While things have been happening on the Survival Horror front, my attention has been diverted to more pressing matters, namely working my ass off and visiting other countries to see my (recently enlarged–congrats Adam and Sarah) family. Yesterday I attended the Tokyo […]

Struggling to Keep Up

Holy crap there are a lot of horror games coming out real soon. Ju-on: The Grudge is coming out in a few days here in Japan, a sequel to Nanashi no Geemu called Nanashi No Geemu: Me (that’s “Nameless Game: The Eye”) is scheduled for the end of August, Calling has been promoted from rumor […]

Thinking After Dark: Tidbits

I bet you thought I just wasn’t going to post any more about the Thinking After Dark conference that I attended last month. The truth is that I have pages of notes waiting to be turned into blog posts and I’m running very behind. So, in the interests of brevity, here’s some short thoughts about […]