2006 Was a Bad Year

At least for horror gamers, 2006 was pretty much the worst year in a decade. Excepting games with horror themes but no intent to scare (like Dead Rising), only two games classifiable as horror were released. One of them, Siren 2, was restricted to Europe and Japan. The other, Rule of Rose, got awful reviews. […]

Siren 2 Impressions

I picked up Siren 2 on an excursion to Japan last month. I really should finish Ghost Hunter first (which is actually a much better game than I was expecting, though it’s not perfect), but got hooked on Siren 2 almost immediately and haven’t put it down yet. If you followed my Siren odyssey, you […]

I’m not dead yet!

… I’m only sleeping. Sorry for the lack of regular updates, I’ve been out of the country and working a lot. Also sorry if you sent me e-mail and I haven’t responded. Regular updating should resume shortly. In the mean time, check out the what they are calling Necro-Nesia in the US.