Echo Night: Beyond Released

Thanks to forums member Sadako for pointing out that Echo Night: Beyond (also known as Nebula: Echo Night) was released in the US for PS2 a few days ago. She’s also posted her initial impressions. Check out the forum for her thoughts.

Siren Impressions

Lately I’ve been battling my way through Siren. I haven’t had a lot of time to play games lately, but a couple of times a week I am sitting down and trying to make some progress. Siren is an interesting game. It seems to be universally loved or hated (GameRankings’ page shows the reviews of […]

Database Updates

This evening I’ve made some changes to the database. I’ve removed a few games and added a new one. Here’s what’s changed: Games Removed: Dead Rush. The game has been canceled, sadly enough. Kamaitachi No Yoru and Kamaitachi No Yoru 2. I’ve decided to exclude text-adventure games from the quest. Shadow of Destiny. This is […]

Dead Rush Cancelation Confirmed

Yesterday GameSpot confirmed the rumor that Treyarch’s survival horror/driving game Dead Rush has been canceled. The official Dead Rush website is also down. Quite disappointing news, as this game actually looked like it had the potential to inject a new style of game play into the horror genre. I’ll be removing the Dead Rush page […]

More RE Outbreak 2 Screens

The MagicBox has posted new screens from Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil Outbreak 2. They also mention that the game will ship on September 9th in Japan, and that it will include a Devil May Cry 3 demo disc.

Siren Special Edition?

From The MagicBox: Sony will release SIREN Special Edition for PS2 in Japan on October 7, exact details of the game is not yet known. I wonder what will be special about it.

Ghosthunter Impressions has posted their impressions on SCEE/Namco’s Ghosthunter. The game is scheduled for release in North America on 8/17/04. This title shipped in Europe last December, so it will be interesting to see if they have made any changes for the American version.


Thanks much to Majkel for telling he about his online archive of video game commercials. This site is awesome, as it includes a huge selection of Japanese and American ads. You can find the original Japanese ads for Siren on pages 2 and 3, plus ads from a bunch of other great games. Check it […]

Michigan Gets Movies

Thanks to Insert Credit for the link to the official site for Spike’s upcoming first-person camera man horror game Michigan. Be warned, the site contains content that is not safe for work. Specifically, clicking on the flashing phone will take you to Spike’s promotional live-action videos for Michigan (they are terrible, skip them), which star […]

Rumor Mill Churns

The rumor mill is saying that Dead Rush has been canceled, due to a change of management over at Treyarch. Hopefully this rumor will prove to be unfounded. If the game has been canceled, I’ll remove it from the list as soon as I have official confirmation.