Wolf Creek

Last night I watched Wolf Creek. I didn’t know anything about this film going in, but I’d heard a few people recommend it so I gave it a shot. The film centers around three young vacationers who are traveling through the Australian outback on their way to Sydney. On the way they stop at Wolfe […]

Silent Hill, The Movie

I went and saw Silent Hill today. I’ll try to write a spoiler-free review that describes how I feel about it. As you might expect, the Silent Hill movie has a lot of elements of the Silent Hill games. In fact, it is not difficult to classify the movie as a collection of such elements. […]

Resident Evil 1.5

You might not know that in between creating Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, Capcom actually developed another RE game. The game, now referred to as Resident Evil 1.5, was scrapped due to problems with the direction, and Capcom produced RE2 instead. Anyway, there’s a pretty cool video of RE 1.5 that you can watch. […]

Innovating within the corporate world

Warning: long, sort of pointless rant that has very little to do with horror game follows. If you read this site often you might have noticed a recurring theme in my rants: I’m of the opinion that the video game industry is shooting itself in the foot with its death march towards computational perfection. Every […]

THE Crazy Ambulance Game

When I initially posted about THE Zombie VS Ambulance, I knew in the back of my mind that it was only a matter of time before I purchased the game. This kind of thing is like crack-cocaine to me: it’s horror-themed and it looks absolutely awful, a deadly combination that feeds my insatiable appetite for […]

Game Donation!!

Thanks very much to forums member ijm000 for his generous donation of Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness. This is a game that I know absolutely nothing about, but based on the box and ijm000’s review, it is probably an excellent match for the forums. Thanks ijm000! Also, I’m still alive, but I’m heading out on […]

April the First

In other, possibly facetious news: I’m almost finished with THE Zombie Vs. Ambulance. A review is forthcoming. I’ve decided to include THE Oneechanbara in the Quest, because upon review of the game it seems to fit perfectly with my goals for this project. Dino Crisis 3 (but not 1 and 2) has been added to […]