Resident Evil 1.5

You might not know that in between creating Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2, Capcom actually developed another RE game. The game, now referred to as Resident Evil 1.5, was scrapped due to problems with the direction, and Capcom produced RE2 instead. Anyway, there’s a pretty cool video of RE 1.5 that you can watch. Thanks to Kotaku for the link.

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  1. RE 1.5 is one of those games that I’m glad (in some ways) they dropped.

    It just seemed like they were aiming for an all out action title, but decided at last minute to cut down on the zombies. Which isn’t so bad, cos I love the eerie feel to the police station when you first arrive.

    I worked in 2 police stations and none of them were sadly like RPD’s Precinct (only 1 for a city?!)…would have been kick ass to work in a place like that (even if it were missing several vital procedure rooms like the RPD’s!)

  2. I seem to recall the demo of RE1.5 was distributed in Japan as RE2, with a certain game? Then later the whole thing was scrapped and redone from the beginning.

  3. There is no playable demo of Resident Evil/Biohazard 1.5 sadly. But video footage of it was included on the Biohazard Complete Disc that came free with Biohazard Directors Cut Dual Shock Edition in Japan(i have it myself). On the disc its labelled as Biohazard 2 Prototype, and has various clips from the game.

    Ppl have been trying very hard to get this game for years, theres a whole community dedicated to it, but theres never been any joy regarding any sort of playable code.

    The Japanese Biohazard 2 Trial Edition actually contains the prerendered backgrounds from Biohazard 1.5 on the disc. A great find that someone discovered last year.

  4. Interesting… The melody of the clip… If I recall correctly, it was used only once in RE2 and in a small room (of a minor importance) of the laboratory. A strange decision…

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