Heavy Rain

I finished Heavy Rain last week. Despite director David Cage’s insistence to the contrary, Heavy Rain isn’t really a horror game. It’s a thriller, or maybe mystery-suspense; if it were a film, it would live in an adjacent, but clearly separate section from the horror flicks. So, being a not-horror game, I’m not going to […]

The Inversely Suspicious Character Problem

I’m several hours into Heavy Rain now, and I’m throughly enjoying it. There are some flaws here and there but generally the whole thing is amazingly well done, and unlike 99% of other games on the market today. I’ll post a lot more about it when I finish. Playing Heavy Rain got me thinking about […]

Silent Hill Homecoming Review

I finally finished Silent Hill Homecoming this evening and posted a review. It’s not a bad game, and it’s more like classic Silent Hill than anything released since 2003, but a few key derivations from the formula damaged the experience for me. Still, it’s a positive sign that the series is moving forward (evidenced more […]