Please take a moment to donate a few dollars to support the victims of the tsunami disaster in South Asia. Apple had a good list of fund raising services, which I’ve reproduced here: American Red Cross International Response Fund AmeriCares South Asia Earthquake Relief Fund Direct Relief International International Assistance Fund Médecins Sans Frontières International […]

Minor Backend Updates

I’ve been making some modifications to the back-end of this site in order to try to prevent people from stealing my bandwidth. I realized that I am spending a lot of hits on people who find an image hosted here via google image search and then display it on some message board. The changes I’ve […]

Custom Horror

New World Notes, a blog dedicated to the MMORPG game Second Life (which features content almost entirely created by its users), has an interesting article about a survival horror game created by users within the Second Life world. The lantern is actually the key component to the game– once attached, it keeps tracks of the […]


My site was hit (along with a whole bunch of others) by a worm last night. I’ve restored everything from backups except the forum, which is how the worm was able to spread. Hopefully the forum should be up soon as well. Update 9:55 PST: Everything seems to be up and running smoothly now, including […]


I’ve been super busy at work lately, which has made me slack off on database updates. Here’s a bunch of updates that I made today based on information I got from fine users of the forum. Thanks to Crave! Still Life has been added to the database. This may turn out to be more of […]

Kuon Released

Kuon was apparently released on December 7th. I asked around at a few game stores in the area and nobody had it, but some people have posted that they’ve been able to find a copy so I guess it must be out.

Game Donation!

Many thanks to David, who generiously donated his extra copy of Illbleed to the Quest! In exchange for the game, I’ve agreed to post David’s message, which is below. Thanks again, David! Hey everyone, Check out this site that is giving away totally FREE Photo iPods! I’ve joined and I think you should as well. […]

Findings from Fatal Frame 2

I finished Fatal Frame 2 a few days back, and I’ve posted by thoughts (rather lengthy–sorry) on the info page. The game was pretty good, but I was disappointed by the ending (though it’s nice to see something other than “… and lived happily ever after). Next on the list: probably X-Files.

Fatal Flaw

I’m almost all the way through Fatal Frame 2. The game’s been pretty easy, and after 9 hours I’ve reached what I believe to be the final save before the end boss. Before I get into ranting about the design of the end boss, I need to briefly cover some Fatal Frame mechanics for those […]