Buckling Under the Weight of Marketing

Ever since all this fuss about “next generation” started a couple of years ago, I’ve been pretty vocal about my ambivalence towards the whole ordeal. I don’t think that innovation in graphics is nearly as compelling as innovation in game design, and the games that are available for the next gen systems don’t seem like […]

Darkness Within

If you like PC adventure games and you like H.P. Lovecraft, you might be interested in Darkness Within. Predictably, it’s a PC adventure game inspired by H.P. Lovecraft. Via Kotaku.

The Fight Against Mediocrity

Every couple of months I pull out a game that I’ve started but never completed. I play these games for a while, make some progress, then put them down again, sometimes for months. Usually these are games that just never grabbed me (like Extermination), or games that I was playing before I got interrupted by […]

Famitsu’s List of Horror Games

Japanese game magazine Famitsu recently published an article called “The Heart of Horror Games” (part of their regular “The Heart of…” series). I’ll post a bit more about the article itself later, but first I wanted to relate the list of horror games that they came up with. You’ll notice a lot of similarities to […]