Game Updates

Thanks to Kotaku for the heads up about Evil Dead Regeneration, which was just announced by THQ (developed by Cranky Pants Games) and has an official site here: From the site: Evil Dead Regeneration follows Ash, the lone survivor of a camp discovering the Necronomicon – the wholly evil book of the dead. Thought […]

Set Phasers to “Mildly Irritate”

This evening I completed Silent Hill 4, and I’ve posted by thoughts on the info page. I finished the game in 8 hours with 38 (!) saves. I found all the notes and received 13 stars. I don’t know if that is good or not. I got the “Mother” ending, which seemed pretty good (it […]

Obscure thoughts

This week a friend and I played through most (about 3/4ths) of Obscure. I was away from home on a business trip, so it was a good excuse to take a break from Silent Hill 4 and check out the two-player action in Obscure. Though I must reserve final judgment until the game is complete, […]

Alone in the Dark 5

It appears that Alone in the Dark 5 is in development. I was tipped off by a news brief at Gamasutra, and I found some confirmation at Boomtown (babelfish translation from French) that is a year old. Eden is a French developer Kya, a third-person Jak & Daxter style platformer, as well as V-Rally 3. […]

Quest Status Update

Obscure is now out in the US, and I found it brand new for $20. I also tracked down Echo Night Beyond brand new for a mere $7 over the weekend, which seems like a pretty good deal. Doom 3 is now out for Xbox too. Lately I’ve been playing through Silent Hill 4, which […]

Fatal Frame 3 and Haunting Ground Screens

Screenshot update from The Magic Box: New screens from Fatal Frame 3 Yet more images from Capcom’s Haunting Ground, which is due out pretty soon, I think. Apparently Fatal Frame 3 will take place in both reality and a nightmare, and the player will have to move between both places to progress. Hmm, what game […]

GDC: Real Time Movies in Resident Evil 4

Here are my notes from the talk at GDC titled Real Time 3D Movies in Resident Evil 4. This talk was a technical discussion of how the artists at Capcom went about creating the movie content for Resident Evil. Consequently, its target audience is not really RE fans, which is why I haven’t posted it […]

Zombie heads a-‘splodin

I’ve finally posted my thoughts on Resident Evil 4. I beat it about a month and a half ago but just now got around to writing up my review. It’s not really a traditional review, but I figure that you can get a story summary or similar at places like One of these days […]

GDC Slides Available

Right after GDC, I wrote about Akira Yamaoka’s talk on Silent Hill. The slides to his presentation are now available in PowerPoint format. If you are interested in the design of the Silent Hill games, you should check this out. Also available is notes from a technical discussion on the cutscene creation process from Resident […]