Japan Wasn’t Funny To Begin With

(This is an open letter to Tim Rogers in response to his extremely lengthy column Japan: It’s Not Funny Anymore, which was posted on Kotaku. I think I’m just about done reading Kotaku, as the signal to noise ratio has really gone south lately, but before I quit I thought I’d respond to Tim’s not-really-video-game-related […]

Off Topic: Replica Island Released

This has nothing to do with horror games, but since a few of you asked about it I thought I’d mention Replica Island. My day job involves working on Android, and for the past year I’ve been putting all of my free time into this little side-scroller starring the green Android robot. In fact, work […]

Another Year, another GDC

I’m visiting the US this week for GDC. It’s the first time I’ve attended in the last two years, but GDC never really changes. This year I actually gave a talk, which was fun, though I had so much work to do that I barely had time to visit any sessions. If you’ve written to […]