Creature Feature: Gashadokuro

Gashadokuro (pronounced “gah sha doh kuroh”) is a giant skeleton monster from Japan. They can reach huge sizes (up to about 90 feet tall), and are constructed out of the skeletons of people whom have died awful deaths in war or from starvation. The bones are collected into this giant creature by the dead’s feelings […]

Tairyou Jigoku

Thanks to Kotaku for pointing me to a preview of Tairyou Jigoku (lit. “The Overwhelming Hell”), a game apparently about making a school girl run away from giant insects. As you might have guessed, this title is by D3, publisher of ultra-budget titles like THE Zombie VS Ambulance. Now, normally I would just sort of […]

Echo Night: Beyond

I’ve just posed a review of Echo Night: Beyond, a pretty great game about a haunted (and throughly deserted) lunar space station. I wasn’t expecting it to be all that great, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and competence with which the game was executed. I think it got a pretty bad rap […]