Siren Sales

The MagicBox reports: Sony mentioned 100,000 copies of their PS2 horror adventure game SIREN was sold in Japan in 2 weeks, which already met their sales prediction. They also have some new Biohazard: Outbreak movies.

The Video Game Stores are Responsible for Our Children!

This isn’t explicitly horror-related, but I feel that it is worthy of a post. The Daily Herald, an Everett, Wash. newspaper, is carrying a feature titled “Violent video games are training children to kill.” The article asserts (without the back up of any sort of source information) that games use “simulation techniques” to train children […]

Fixing Broken Games

I recently asked a poster named “spike” how he might correct the faults of Chaos Break, which he apparently hated. I’d like to extend this question to all of you for all the games in the database. Let’s say you get to decide how to fix one of the games listed here. You may choose […]

Siren Details has posted a detail-rich preview of Siren. Interestingly enough, the article mentions that you must play without the ability to attack. In a previous news post, I lamented the fact that most survival horror games boil down to causing zombie heads to explode, and I suggested that games like the Clock Tower Series might […]

Games Added

Thanks to some prodding by Endaso over in the forums, I’ve added two more games to the database: Enemy Zero and Martian Gothic: Unification. There are 71 games now listed.

Spike Announces “Michigan”

Interesting tidbit from Polygon: Japanese developer Spike, perhaps best known for their popular wrestling and racing game franchises, has confirmed plans for survival horror game entitled “Michigan” on PlayStation 2. Tentatively scheduled for release in spring 2004, specifics regarding the game, its storyline and associated features remain largely undisclosed. Spike reportedly plans for formally unveil […]

Siren Ad Pulled

From The MagicBox: Sony has suspended its Japanese TV ad for the PS2 horror adventure game SIREN, the TVCM was said to be too scary, and they have received a number of complaints after children got too scared after watching the ad. Anyone have a link to the commercial in question?

Biohazard Online

The Magic Box has a bunch of new info and images from Biohazard: Outbreak (Resident Evil: Outbreak in the States), as well as some preview movies (one and two) in MPEG format. Also of note, the ‘Box reports that Famitsu has rated Siren 32/40 (four reviewers: 9, 7, 8, 8), which is very good. Glass […]