Michigan Screens Added

I’ve added the first Michigan screens to the database. It appears that the game will actually be played from the film crew’s camera perspective, which is something we haven’t seen before. The official site has some video to watch, though it is unclear if this is what the entire game will look like. Zombieeater has […]

Silent Hill 4 Movie

GameKult has posted links to some new footage of Silent Hill 4 from Konami. The video is unfortunately encoded in Windows Media Format, though IGN has converted it to QuickTime if you are a subscriber. The video covers several games. Silent Hill footage starts at 1:48 and is annoyingly short: Low Res | High Res.

Resident Evil Musings

I have a theory about Resident Evil games: I think that only every other game in the series is well balanced. The major criticism of the first Resident Evil was that it was too difficult, but RE 2 was inspired. RE 3‘s structure was somewhat disappointing, but Code: Veronica was amazing. And now, as I […]

Michigan Added

Polygon has added some more information about Spike’s upcoming horror game Michigan. According to the brief, the game is about 50% complete. The story of Michigan will be set on Lake Michigan and will focus on a television news crew documenting a series of recent murders. The game will unfold through the perspective of a […]


I’ve added Darkwatch: Curse of the West to the database. Darkwatch is apparently a first person shooter with a vampire/old west theme. A few images are floating around and it looks pretty cool. Sammy Studios is the developer, and the game has been announced for a Q4 2004 release on PS2 and Xbox.

More Silent Hill Details

GameScience is reporting more details about Silent Hill 4: The Room. The latest in Konami’s growing horror franchise, subtitled “The Room”, promises as much mental anguish as the previous games in the series. This time the lead character, Henry Townsend, starts the game trapped in his apartment in Ashfield, near Silent Hill. After four days […]

Silent Hill 4 Images

The MagicBox has posted several (very low quality) Silent Hill 4 images. I’ve added a couple of the choice ones to the database. It appears as if creatures will be oozing from the walls. The MagicBox is also listing the release date as “2004”, which would be awesome.

Little Bita Updates

I’ve made some minor updates to the database, mostly marking games that came out in December as “out” and finding scores for some Japanese games that are not out in North America yet. Interestingly, the changes have done little to affect the Statistics page.