More Silent Hill Details

GameScience is reporting more details about Silent Hill 4: The Room.

The latest in Konami’s growing horror franchise, subtitled “The Room”, promises as much mental anguish as the previous games in the series. This time the lead character, Henry Townsend, starts the game trapped in his apartment in Ashfield, near Silent Hill. After four days of isolation, he finds a hole in his bathroom wall, leading to an alternate blood-soaked world, not unlike what we’ve seen in previous Silent Hill outings. Somehow the room and the alternate world are connected, and it is the players job to find out how.

The game takes place in a different setting, but some familiar faces will make an appearance. The producer, Akira Yamaoka, commented, “The story is darker than in the past games.” No small feat.

The information, taken from this month’s OPM in the US, is accompanied by a couple of scans: one, two.

Source: GameFAQs forums (thanks, FozzyFan116)