Silent Hill 5 Information Forthcoming has some info on the upcoming issue of EGM, which will contain info on Silent Hill 5. Not a lot of new info here, but interesting nonetheless. Update: has posted a bunch more information, including an interview with the developers and a bunch of videos. It looks like the game is borrowing many […]

Games are Better than Film at Horror?

Wired is running an interesting article by Clive Thompson (blog) about horror games being more effective than horror movies at generating scares. I think there’s something significant here in Thompson’s insights, but I think I need to give it a little more thought before I am sure I know what it is. While I mull […]

Scott McCloud is Really Smart

Today I attended a talk by Scott McCloud, author of the amazingly great Understanding Comics, a comic book about the mechanics of comic books as a medium. McCloud’s work has been inspirational for me (and many others) because he so effectively dissects a pulp medium (comic books) to show its core traits and characteristics. In […]

Dead Island

Kotaku has some impressions and a trailer for a new zombie-themed game, Dead Island. Information is still pretty sparse, but the video is kind of neat.

Resident Evil 5 Controversy

I’ve been thinking for a while about how best to address the controversy surrounding the recently-released Resident Evil 5 trailer. The trailer, which depicts Chris Redfield (a white male) shooting black zombies in what appears to be Africa, has raised more than a few eyebrows. Kim Platt is one of many people who find the […]