Silent Hill 5 Information Forthcoming has some info on the upcoming issue of EGM, which will contain info on Silent Hill 5. Not a lot of new info here, but interesting nonetheless.

Update: has posted a bunch more information, including an interview with the developers and a bunch of videos. It looks like the game is borrowing many of its visual ideas from the Silent Hill movie (otherworld transition sequence, busty nurses), but that may not be a bad thing at all. The videos certainly make it look pretty neat.

5 thoughts on “Silent Hill 5 Information Forthcoming

  1. On the site, their forums have featured scans of this article for about a week now. :0
    It contains some very interesting info.

    Would it be alright if I asked permission and posted the scans your forum?

  2. I think it’s better to encourage people to actually buy the magazine. In a month the scans should be cool though, as the magazine won’t be available any longer.

  3. uh i got to scramble around to looking at the magizine out while shopping. It looked killer the graphics were fantastic and the monster design was revamped (except for the sexy nurses whos chest sized seemed to be bigger. I wondered if team ninja had anything to do with it.) Other than that it looked great.

  4. Oh my god! Those new videos were amazing! After watching the interview and everything, my excitement for this game has increased tenfold. Holy shit! 😀

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