So I managed to finish The Suffering in 2 days, though I have yet to post my comments. Updates may be a little slow this week as I am visiting relatives in Japan, but I’ll get a review up as quickly as I can. What should I play next? I am thinking about finishing up […]


I’ve finally, finally finished Siren. It took a very long time (6 months!) to get everything and complete all the levels, but the game turned out to be pretty amazing. I’ve posted my thoughts on the Siren page, and hopefully I haven’t been too long winded. Next up I need to choose between: Fatal Frame […]


Yep, that’s Nuby’s GameCube chainsaw controller for playing Resident Evil 4 on. From Lik-Sang’s blurb: …this massive sculpted controller comes with a built-in sound chip, imitating the roar of the powerful weapon. … When not chopping Zombies into pieces, the Resident Evil 4 Controller can rest on its stylish stand, on top on your TV, […]

Yet more RE4 Info

The MagicBox has new info about Resident Evil 4: Capcom revealed a new character in Biohazard 4 / Resident Evil 4 for GameCube and PS2, named Ingrid Hannigan, she appears to be a commander that appears in a communication terminal, Leon can speak with her during the game, similar to Metal Gear Solid. In the […]

I am getting very tired of RE4 hype…

… but I am posting this nugget nonetheless. GameScience is reporting that Resident Evil 4 will have a weapon shop where Leaon can buy, repair, and upgrade weapons. In two new Famitsu scans of biohazard 4, it is revealed that Leon will be able to purchase, sell, repair and upgrade weapons at a weapon shop […]

Fatal Xbox

In case you missed it, Fatal Frame 2 (Director’s Cut) was released for Xbox a few days back. Among other changes, it features the ability to play the entire game from a first person perspective.