I am getting very tired of RE4 hype…

… but I am posting this nugget nonetheless. GameScience is reporting that Resident Evil 4 will have a weapon shop where Leaon can buy, repair, and upgrade weapons.

In two new Famitsu scans of biohazard 4, it is revealed that Leon will be able to purchase, sell, repair and upgrade weapons at a weapon shop run by one of the monk-like villagers using the PTAS money system. Money, as seen in the Famitsu Wave Demo, is acquired by defeating enemies and shooting crates.

The GameScience link also has some scans from Famitsu discussing the weapon shops (what’s up with that big fish in the item screen of the second scan… MGS3-style health??). For all the hype, we really still know very little about this game.

One thought on “I am getting very tired of RE4 hype…

  1. Trust me… it’s worth it… after playing the demo anyway. I don’t know how the whole game will be but the demo is brilliant.

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