Fatal Frame 4 Arriving Shortly

I’m pretty excited about the next version of the Fatal Frame series, especially since it’s headed for the Wii and involves Suda51 somehow. So it was cool to see scans from Famitsu about the game, but even better news is that the game will be released at the end of July in Japan. Between this […]

Obscure 2 First Hour Impressions

I picked up Obscure 2 for the Wii a while back and am just now getting around to playing it. I enjoyed the first Obscure, mostly because playing with another person made the otherwise mediocre horror game a lot more fun. This time around I’m playing on my own (so far–maybe I can convince my […]

That Which Rocks My Socks

Having a baby has really changed my gaming habits, but this week I managed to finish two different games. The first is Hellnight, a phenomenal (and pretty obscure) PS1 horror game. I’ve posted a review, but the short version is that Hellnight absolutely rocks, it’s pretty damn scary, and it succeeds despite PS1 graphics and […]

Siren Blood Curse–huh?

Recently Sony announced Siren: New Translation, a remake of the original Siren for PS3. Now they are announcing something else called Siren Blood Curse, which sounds like an episodic version of New Translation. Details are scarce but it’s hard to tell if Blood Curse is New Translation, or if one region will get one and […]