Siren Blood Curse–huh?

Recently Sony announced Siren: New Translation, a remake of the original Siren for PS3. Now they are announcing something else called Siren Blood Curse, which sounds like an episodic version of New Translation. Details are scarce but it’s hard to tell if Blood Curse is New Translation, or if one region will get one and not the other, or if they are the same game in two different packages, or if they are entirely different products. Huh?

11 thoughts on “Siren Blood Curse–huh?

  1. Arrrrgh! This is killin’ me! North America. Just say “Siren for PS3” and “North America” in the same sentence so I can relax, Sony. Sheesh.

  2. I hear what you’re saying, Andy. Whenever I sat down to play Siren on the PS2, it felt like I was gearing up for a few hours of chess. “Horror-Chess,” if you will. (Hmmmm. New game concept?) With Siren on the PS2 I had to take my time…plan out all my moves in advance. Finishing just one level took AGES! But that’s what I liked about it. Unlike the Resi Evil series. I kinda don’t want it to be easier. And am I crazy, or is Siren one of the few games that didn’t feature boss fights. How refreshing. Boss fights are so klee-shay. 🙂

  3. I agree with Andy, they should make the remake easier. I will grant that some people want the ultra hard take-forever-on-one-level version, but why not make that some different difficulty mode? No matter how many times I try to play Siren, it gets so frustrating I can’t keep going. I die over and over again, and it’s not fun at all. I just want to see the whole game, but apparently the only way to do it is, as suedepup put it, play a game of horror-chess. So I’m all for optional difficulty modes, one of which actually allows me to have fun playing the game to the end.

  4. I have to admit, I hated the original Siren on the PS2 for the whole very difficult and slow gameplay. It was kind of creepy though.
    Blood Curse IS New Translation in Episodes for european countries. Sony announced that at the Playstation Day event. I guess it will be released the same way in North America.

  5. Siren 2 had difficulty levels, easy (hard to die), normal (average game difficulty), and hard (still a bit easier than Siren 1). I don’t see why they wouldn’t include that feature in future Siren games.

  6. The most frustrating thing for me about Siren is not being able to get Siren 2. Is it as good as the first?

  7. Honestly, I havent played the game before, but from what it seams, its supposed to be hard, so I kinda look forward to it being hard. Also, theres not a lot of hard games out there now and days, witch a good portion of gamers want.

    P.S. Chriss, I sent you the e-mail with my info and all that stuff, but the forms are saying im already a new member, but I havent gotton an e-mail yet, so I cant log in.

  8. Maybe they are doing the same they did with Siren on PS2. Here, in Europe, you should remember it was called Forbidden Siren, which is the name I recall the game when I think about it. Moreover, is one of the very few games I can remember whose 2nd part was released here in Europe and not in the States. The other way is quite usual.

    So here in Europe, “Siren: New Translation” is “Siren Blood Curse”. I don’t think the fact that will be released in episodes matters: I suppose there will be a “whole” game version and will still be named Siren Blood Curse.

    And by the way, Forbidden Siren 2 was a very good and interesting game. 🙂

  9. Maybe they’ll make Siren 2 downloadable as a sort of promotion for New Translation. If they did that, I’d go to the store and buy a PS3 today.

  10. I think they’re really getting ahead of themselves because Siren 2 wasn’t even released in NA yet if it ever will be. Why would anyone want to skip a game?

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