Web News Roundup

As we approach Halloween, the number of sites running stories about horror game seems to steadily increase. Here’s a couple of interesting links I saw today: Rumor Mongering: Silent Hill Origins appears to be in serious trouble. It’s all rumor at the moment (and it should be noted that employees who’ve recently been laid off […]

Article: Fraidy Cat Gamer

I followed a link from Slashdot Games to this interesting post about the difference between horror games and horror movies over at the hilariously titled GamersWithJobs.com. The author admits to being absolutely terrified by horror games despite having no trouble with horror movies. The point he makes, which is a big part of the reason […]

The Role of Lighting

Though I didn’t think it was a great film, one of the things I dug about Juon 2 was the way the director used lighting to suggest some sort of abstract malice. Unlike many traditional horror movies, Juon 2 doesn’t rely on pitch-black locales to build tension; instead, it suggests that the characters in the […]

Siren 3

The MagicBox is reporting that Siren 3 for PS3 has been announced by sony. No details yet, but I think that rules. Now if we can just get them to release Siren 2 here in America.

Juon 2

In preparation for the American version of The Grudge 2, I decided to watch the original sequel to Juon, which was itself a remake of a TV movie. In total, I think there are at least six versions of these movies, all directed by the same director and all pretty much the same. To its […]

Franky, Fatal Frame is Freaky

I was all set to give Fatal Frame III the highest score of the series, something around an 8.5. I gave the second game an 8.3 for being well executed but sort of lacking in focus, and at first it seemed like Fatal Frame III was a distinct improvement. Sure, the third sequel in this […]