Cold Fear Leaves Me Cold

I finally completed Cold Fear this evening and posted a review. Unfortunately my opinion of the game did not improve very much over the last time I posted about it; despite the excellent graphics and fairly solid control mechanics, I found Cold Fear to be almost entirely devoid of fun. While the game does improve […]


The other evening I watched Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s latest, a film called Retribution (sakebi, or “Scream,” in Japanese). You may remember that I am a pretty big Kurosawa fan; his film Cure is one of my favorite horror films of all time. The others of his that I’ve seen, Doppelganger, Pulse, Charisma, and Seance, are also […]

Sexuality as Fear Enhancer

In my review of Haunting Ground, I argued that the over-sexualization of the protagonist hurt the game’s ability to be scary. My point was that the bouncing breasts and mini-mini skirt that follow Fiona around throughout the game amount to fan service, and ultimately distract from the game’s primary goal of being scary. Leigh Alexander, […]

Silent Hill 0rigins Review

I finished Silent Hill 0rigins the other day. It’s a solid Silent Hill game, absolutely worthy of inclusion in the series. Though it’s technically a prequel to the original Silent Hill, it plays like an amalgam of every game in the series. The locations and progression through Silent Hill are very similar to the original […]

Alone in the Dark 5 on PS2, Wii

Kotaku is reporting that Alone in the Dark 5, previously announced for PS3 and Xbox360, will also be coming out on PS2 and Wii. Obscure developers Hydravision will be handling the ports, it sounds like. As an unnecessary aside, I’ll take this moment to complain again about how next gen development costs hurt innovative games, […]

Silent Hill 0rgins Impressions

I’ve put about an hour into Silent Hill: 0rigins so far and I’m having a pretty good time. This game is different from the rest of the Silent Hill series because it’s exclusive to the PSP and was developed by Climax rather than Konami, and I think a lot of people were worried that the […]

Dark Corners of the Analog Stick

This evening I finished Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth and posted a review. Basically, this is an extremely well-made game that has one major problem: the game play isn’t fun. I was really disappointed by this one, as so much opportunity is wasted. Oh well, see the full review for angst-filled details.

Kuchisake Onna: The Movie: The Review

This evening I watched Kuchisake Onna, a film made this year about the slit-mouthed antagonist of a Japanese urban legend I’ve discussed before. Actually, the film is built around the very general idea of a scary woman with a slashed mouth and surgical mask who hunts children–the other details of the legend are completely ignored. […]

More Cthulhu Frustration

I know I’ve been fairly negative lately about the games I am playing. I really don’t want to just hate everything that comes my way and hold it up to some impossible golden standard, but damn, there’s been so much disappointment in my gaming life lately. Take Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, […]

Playing Lately

One thing about having a kid is that you don’t sleep very much. But for me, that means that I’ve had some time to play some video games in between cuddling my daughter, feeding her, and generally trying to let her Mom get some sleep in the wee hours of the morning. For some reason […]