Cancelled Games

This weekend I made a new list of cancelled games. This list tracks games that were announced but then died, and it is in no way complete. I made it so that I could move games that I had information for out of the main quest list and close calls list without losing the information. […]

Fatal Frame Series Plot Plotted

Ever wonder what the hell is going on in the Fatal Frame series? I mean, usually the plot of any particular game in the series is pretty clear, but every once in a while you realize that the story is tied back into the seemingly unrelated plot of the other games. Fatal Frame 3 in […]

Random Assortment of Game Updates

There’s been a bit of horror game news this week. First of all, there’s gameplay footage of Resident Evil 5. While we’re on the topic of Resident Evil, there’s also a rumor that Resident Evil 4 will ship for PS3 and Xbox360 with some new content, maybe starring Hunk. Finally, there’s been a couple of […]

Creature Feature: Earless Hoichi

Unlike previous Creature Features, Earless Hoichi is not actually a creature. In fact, he’s the unfortunate victim of a long-dead military clan. The story of Earless Hoichi (耳なし芳ー, literally “Hoichi without ears”) is a classic Japanese ghost story, and is required reading for anybody interested in understanding Japanese horror. You can read the story of […]

Holy Bandwidth, Batman

It seems that I’ve been discovered by Hi there, reddit folks, thanks for stopping by! You might also be interested in my guide to Japanese horror, my article on the prehistory of the survival horror genre, the games I’ve reviewed, or maybe my assorted blog posts about game design. Apologies if the site seems […]

Hey, I’m Famous

If you read German and have access to magazines from that country, the latest issue of GEE contains an article on horror games with references to yours truly. I spoke with the author at GEE while in Japan last month, and though I’ve not actually seen the article yet, Michael from frightening tells me that […]

Ratings Changes

Ever since I started thinking about what game scores really mean, I’ve been bothered by the warped scale that the game review industry seems to use. If you follow sites like or, you have probably noticed that most games fall into a very small range of scores. There’s no difference, for example, between […]

Fatal Frame II and III Less Impossible To Locate

Destructoid is reporting that Fatal Frame 2 and Fatal Frame 3 have been (finally) issued reprints. These games, especially the third one, have been notoriously hard to find. But apparently if you act now you can find copies of both games fairly easily. Destructoid also has an interesting note about the popularity of Resident Evil […]

Flower, Sun, and Rain

In Japan I picked up a copy of Flower, Sun, and Rain (花と太陽と雨), an early game by Suda51, the brains behind Killer7, No More Heros, and, unfortunately, Michigan. Like Killer7 and No More Heros, the game uses a flat, cell-shaded style to tell a crazy story. Fans of Suda51 games will notice his fingerprints all […]

Props and Respect to my Homies

Just a quick shout out to some awesome game development blogs on the net. Last night my referer log lit up with links from Bruce on Games and Japanmanship. I’m going to follow Japanmanship’s lead and keep this blog roll rolling. Mainly About Games. Informative and well written it has a nice personal feel to […]