Cancelled Games

Agartha looked like a cool game.

This weekend I made a new list of cancelled games. This list tracks games that were announced but then died, and it is in no way complete. I made it so that I could move games that I had information for out of the main quest list and close calls list without losing the information.

If you are interested in cancelled games, there’s a rumor-heavy blog about the subject. I should warn you though that the blog isn’t 100% correct; of the games I’ve worked on that have been posted about, the information is about 70% accurate.

2 thoughts on “Cancelled Games

  1. Dumb Question- since game development is so
    expensive do companies recycle cancelled games?

    Does the art,music,code etc. get rolled into
    other projects? It might be neat to find out
    if these doomed games evolved into something

  2. Sometimes, but I think it is pretty rare. Tech gets reused a lot. Often, the project is cancelled and the company goes out of business because it doesn’t have any other projects in the pipe, so in that case everything is lost.

    A couple of the games I worked on that were cancelled were later transformed into games that shipped. But just the tech, not any of the art.

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