Creature Feature: Nopperabou

Nopperabou is a creature from Japanese folklore. Though they look like normal people, the nopperabou’s distinctive feature is their face, which lacks eyes, a nose, or a mouth. Instead of normal human features, nopperabou have only smooth skin. People who encounter nopperabou usually do not immediately realize that they are talking to something that is […]

No Haunting on Grounds

I finished Haunting Ground this morning and posted a review. It’s an evolutionary step up from Clock Tower 3, both in terms of graphics and game play complexity. While I mostly enjoyed it, there were some things about this title that didn’t really click for me, including the way the protagonist is presented and the […]

Yet More Updates

Wow, it must be summer! My horror game radar has been dormant for the last six months or so, but all of a sudden it has lit up with activity. First of all, check out a game play video and screenshot gallery for Silent Hill 0rigins. The video makes it clear that while some things […]