Some Updates

I haven’t posted about actual games on the horizon lately, so here’s some quick updates: I could have sworn Silent Hill: 0rgins was on the fast-track to cancellation, but this new GameInformer article proves me wrong. It looks like this game might actually ship! Via Kotaku. A Wii version of Resident Evil 4 has been […]

Instant Horror, Just Add Special Effects

A couple of years ago I had a frightening experience. I was getting out of the shower one evening when from behind me I heard the sound of metal scraping against metal. The house was empty and I was standing there in the bathroom, naked and dripping wet, and in that instant I knew that […]

Who ya gonna call? Ghosthunter!

This evening I finally finished playing Ghost Hunter and posted a review. I expected this game to be a pretty bland shooter and was surprised to find it to be a sometimes-inspired Ghostbusters knock-off. It actually was a lot more fun than I would have given it credit for, but it also suffers from some […]

Feature: The Prehistory of Survival Horror

I have posted a new feature article: The Prehistory of Survival Horror. This article examines some early horror games and how they influenced the genre that we know and love today. Here’s an excerpt: Alone in the Dark in particular seems to be the direct parent of the Resident Evil game design: fixed cameras, static […]

April First

Ah, April Fools. What better way to get back into the habit of regular updates? My work life has just gone back to semi-normal, I’ve got some vacation coming up, and a bunch of updates to the site planned. A new feature is in the works, plus I have a lot of info to report […]