Site Updates

The holiday has allowed me to work on the site a little bit. First of all, I’ve added Possession and Dead Rush to the database. Both games are a little odd: there aren’t any good screenshots for Rush and Possession is supposed to come out on some sort of console, but we don’t yet know […]

New Evil Dead?

Slashdot Games is reporting that a new Evil Dead game is probably in the works, based on a comment by Bruce Cambell. The developer appears to be Cranky Pants, developers of Summoner.

More Michigan Info

Polygon Magazine has new information and images on Michigan. This game is shaping up to be a whole new approach to horror games, and looks like it could be a lot of fun.

Michigan Dated

Via The MagicBox: Spike will release the PS2 horror adventure game Michigan in Japan on July 22, for 6800 yen.

Kuon US Confirmed

This just in from The MagicBox: Agetec also announced a US version of From Software’s survival horror adventure game Kuon, the game will be out in October. Update: has more details, though they’ve mistranslated the English name as “Eternity” instead of “Nine Grudges.”

Will the Silent Hill 4 Movies Ever End??

From The MagicBox: Konami has released a new preview trailer of Silent Hill 4: The Room, the PS2 version is scheduled to release in Japan on June 17, for 6800 yen. The trailer is here, but it’s compressed with LZH on top of the horrible WMV format. I guess Konami doesn’t really want people to […]

Post E3 Madness

I’ve returned mostly intact from E3, and will post my thoughts shortly. Here’s a bunch of random, unrelated news from the past week. Thanks to forums member Carl for pointing out a trailer for Dead Rush, a new action-horror-driving hybrid. Looks interesting. The Possession web site now has screenshots and more information than before. Polygon […]

Off to E3

I am off to E3 today, so updates will be slow for the rest of the week. However, I’ll post a detailed report when I return. In the mean time, check out Die Zombie Die, a neat survival horror site by forums member spookycreepy!