Are you sure you want this?

Today I found a copy of Clock Tower: The First Fear, the Wonderswan version, at the local toy shop in the mall. It was priced 300 yen, marked down from 4900 yen (a total of about $2.50, down from $40). When I took it to the counter, the woman behind the register looked at me […]

We Produce it for Whole Human Beings

I’ve been in Japan for about a week now, and so far this trip has been extremely useful for The Quest. I’ve managed to pick up a bunch of Japan-only titles without destroying my wallet, which is good. I’m not sure that I’ve managed to buy any games that are actually good, but my goal […]

I’m headed to Japan for New Years, so updates may be a little slow. I’ve got a pretty good feature update in the works though, so stay tuned for that. On my trip my shopping list includes Nanatsu no Hikan, Hungry Ghosts, and Gregory Horror Show, among other obscure titles. I’ll report back from the […]

Land of the Dead Ends

I guess I wasn’t paying attention back in October, because Land of the Dead came out and I totally missed it. It’s not been doing well with the reviewers, however (a 1.9 from GameSpot, wohoo!), so maybe it’s no big loss. At 48%, it clocks in as the 3rd worst survival horror game ever.

Indigo Prohpecy

I’ve just finished Indigo Prophecy (also known as Fahrenheit, which I think is a cooler name), a cinematic action-adventure game by French developer Quantic Dream. I’m posting about it here because it is probably of interest to readers of this site: though it’s not really a proper horror game, the creepy factor is pretty high […]

Slice Slice Slice Slice … to the neck!!

This totally made my morning. Capcom has posted a gameplay video of Resident Evil DS, and it looks awesome. They’ve added moves, bosses, rooms, mini-games, and touch screen-based combat, plus a network mode. This is now officially at the top of my most wanted DS games list.

Design the Silent Hill Movie Poster, Win $2,500 has a story about a contest to design the upcoming Silent Hill movie by Christopher Gains. From their article: The full contest details are available at, but here’s what you need to know: design a poster in JPG or GIF format no larger than 300K using assets provided on the website itself (art […]