Design the Silent Hill Movie Poster, Win $2,500 has a story about a contest to design the upcoming Silent Hill movie by Christopher Gains. From their article:

The full contest details are available at, but here’s what you need to know: design a poster in JPG or GIF format no larger than 300K using assets provided on the website itself (art from the games are off limits) and submit it by January 3. Staring the next day, the website will start tallying votes for best poster design.

Sounds like a lot of fun! Time to bust out Photoshop!

4 thoughts on “Design the Silent Hill Movie Poster, Win $2,500

    I can’t wait to begin designing my poster. I read the rules section at Sony Pictures and couldn’t see why I couldn’t make it (a Canadian citizen) and then have my American cousin send it in.

    Now that Silent Hill has a definate date, I cannot wait until Fatal Frame issues a release date for there movie (should be in production right now).

    Hello fellow Silent Hill fans. Just thought I’d post the LINK to my entry in the SILENT HILL movie poster contest. VOTE for it if you like it. I’m a BIG Silent Hill fan and a Graphic Design major, so I had fun doing it. Just wish I had more time to put into the poster, as I just found out about the contest a few days before it was over. Enjoy!

  3. Im posting the LINK to my entry in the SILENT HILL movie poster contest in the MESSAGE box as it seems to be too long for the Link section. Enjoy!

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