Rule of Rose Coming

The official site for the American version of Rule of Rose has been launched. I am really looking forward to this game–so far it’s been a slow year for horror games. The game hits the stores September 12th.

Might as well get ill

I finished Illbleed last night. It’s an interesting game for sure: the content is weird, the premise is unique, and its approach to horror is straight out of campy 1980s classics like Creepshow. It’s also a pretty good example of bad game design: it’s too complicated, the rules keep changing, and there are some points […]

The Descent

I went to see The Descent last week despite knowing absolutely nothing about the film. I’d never seen a trailer or even a poster, but strong critical response convinced me to go. The Descent is about a group of thrill-seeking women who decide to go spelunking in a remote cave. They get pretty deep into […]

Sadness Added

Thanks to forums member ghostsarecool for letting me know about a new horror game for the Nintendo Wii called Sadness. Developed by Polish developer NIBRIS, Sadness is apparently a “gothic horror game.” There’s really no details yet, but the NIBRIS site does have a couple of live-action movies to demonstrate how they expect the control […]

Fatal Frame Found to be Frequently Forgotton

Last week I decided to pick up Fatal Frame 3, since I really enjoyed the previous two games in the series. My local game store chain had never heard of it, and I couldn’t find it at the local big box store either. But it wasn’t until I found that even doesn’t carry new […]