Sadness Added

Thanks to forums member ghostsarecool for letting me know about a new horror game for the Nintendo Wii called Sadness. Developed by Polish developer NIBRIS, Sadness is apparently a “gothic horror game.” There’s really no details yet, but the NIBRIS site does have a couple of live-action movies to demonstrate how they expect the control scheme to work (no real details, though). IGN (warning: link goes to IGN) has some more concept art. Hopefully we’ll get more details about this title soon.

2 thoughts on “Sadness Added

  1. Yeah, I heard about this last month in Games TM. It’s completely in black and white and draws on early European art-house films as it’s main influence. Whether or not that style will work remains to be seen, especially since the creators are trying to market it as a psychological thriller rather than horror. But it’s got me interested that’s for sure.

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