First off, I’ve added a bunch of new screens to the Resident Evil 4 page. You might also be interested in checking out these scans. In a bit of sad news, it looks like the excellent game magazine Polygon is going out of buisness. Polygon was one of the few intellegent and mature magazines left […]

Horror Game Design

Kevin over at Game Hermeneutics has written an interesting guide to “generic” survival horror game design. Kevin seems to be mostly talking about Resident Evil, but his points are still valid. I’ve been thinking of writing an article in a similar vein for a while now. I think Kevin’s done a good job of scratching […]

Moving Right Along

I completed Clock Tower 3 today, and I’ve posted my thoughts on the game info page. I also recently completed Resident Evil 0, and my review of that game has also been posted. With these two down my quest is now 37.7% (23 out of 61 released titles) complete.

Thank the Good Lord

Polygon Magazine is reporting that Siren will be released in both North America and Europe this spring. Thank the Lord in Heaven! Sony’s latest PlayStation 2 horror game entitled “Forbidden Siren” is scheduled for release worldwide. After selling more than 150,000 copies in Japan and South Korea, Sony plans to release the game in Europe […]

Silent Hill Fan Art

This guy makes Silent Hill fan art, including some neato action figures. Check out his Konami-themed artwork as well as his latest creations.

Silent Hill Site

We wouldn’t want to neglect Silent Hill 4 with all this Resident Evil coverage. Check out the new official web site, complete with some quick movies!

Yet More RE4 News has posted a bunch of information about Resident Evil 4. It looks like Capcom is changing even more than we previously speculated. Check it out, but be warned that there are some (clearly marked) story spoilers.

Take it, Zombies.

Thanks to Craig for posting this interesting link in the forums. According to this report at, Capcom has decided to drop zombies entirely from Resident Evil 4. Instead, you’ll face “villagers,” who apparently will be much more intelligent and cunning than the mindless undead we’ve come to know and love. All evidence suggests that […]

Obscure Added

Thanks to Michael at frightening for pointing out that Obscure – Learn About Fear is still in development. I’ve added it to the database and posted a bunch of screenshots. Looks pretty awesome–check it out!