Is Alan Wake awake?

A few weeks ago I completed Alan Wake, and I’ve just now gotten around to posting a review. It’s a good game, though it doesn’t try very hard to be scary and it’s a little conflicted about how it wants you to play, there’s really a lot to like. I was particularly interested in the […]

Do you want me to explore or not?

I’m most of the way through Alan Wake now (at least, I think I am–it’s not supposed to be very long) and so far I’m enjoying it. It’s very different than the Japanese horror games that make up the bulk of this site, and it’s a very nice change of pace. I’ll write more about […]

Deadly Premonition Thoughts Part 4: The Otherworld

This is the fourth (and final) post in a series of posts about Deadly Premonition. You should read the first, second, and third entries first. THE OTHERWORLD I really like how Deadly Premonition deals with the Otherworld, a label I am borrowing from the Silent Hill series to describe an alternate reality, infested with zombies […]